Tallinn Badminton Club


4th International Badminton Mixed Doubles Tournament



Mixed Feathers 2006

At 10 am Saturday 2d Detcember, Tallinn





Tallinn Youth Sport Centre Badminton Hall, 69A Punane Street, Tallinn - Estonia.

Telephone: +3726060460 Email: info@spordikeskus,ee Website: www.spordikeskus.ee /est/



Events, System and Prizes


Mixed doubles in Leagues A, B, C, D, E and F (difficulty levels). Every player can play only in one League.

Early rounds of all difficulty level events are played in groups. Games are played to 21 points, two games wins the match. If the number of entries demands, in difficulty levels C, D, E and F games may also be played to 15 points, two games wins the match. Prizes are provided for three best pairs in all Leagues. If there are only 4 pairs in a League, the best pair is awarded, if 5 pairs, two best pairs of the League are.




Entries and Draw


Entries close on Monday 27t November


Entry secretary: Katrin Aru, mobil phone: +372 5124223 fax: +372 6100922 , Email: karu@puidutali.ee

Entries should be sent to entry secretary by Email or by fax (Entry Form).

Tournament entry fees: 120 EEK (per player), 60 EEK for players up to U19 (per player).

For our foreign guests the entry fee can be paid in Tallinn before tournament.

Draw and timetable will be announced on November 30th and tournament results on Detcember 10th on websites www.sulgpall.ee and www.badminton.ee






Referee: Mrs. Katrin Kuusk (phone: +372 55669901, Email kuuskkatrin@hot.ee)


Event team leader: Mr. Rein Nuudi (phone +372 5172347, Email rein.nuudi@mail.ee)  






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