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We play badminton. We are keeping good company, and united by love to badminton and common interests to the life. We play all the year, and not only badminton! Our community was originated in early 60th, usually we meet alltogether at pictorial Kiev's park near Dnieper river - Hydropark. That's how our club name was routed. There are no sharks in the Dnieper river actually, but one can meet sharks of badminton at Dnieper's banks. Now we continue to meet and play badminton in summer at Hydropark, yielding life profit and pleasure, until weather permits player to manage volan. The rest of the year we train in gymnasiums. Our clubmans participate in numerous competitions, international and national, and won multiple awards.  We are trying to maintain this good tradition. We gladly invite guests to our club and are always ready to meet any - either in hot tournament or at frienldy table.

Let's play badminton!